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Full stack web development

This 5-month course will start with 1 month of algorithmics and pseudo-code (the Computer Science Fundamentals module) and will continue with 4 months of in-depth knowledge about web development. During the course, you will apply the concepts you have learnt in class right away, by working hands-on to create a fully functional website. You will work in a team and you will have to complete various assignments at home in order to be able to understand each lesson and to get the most out of this course. At the end of the course, you can be a junior web
developer. No matter what you are passionate about or interested in, chances are that a company or organization is looking to hire web developers.

Full stack web development

How this course will help your career

Over the past years, more and more IT firms have shifted their interest towards the “full stack developer” concept, which basically means a developer who holds all the keys to the kingdom: from front-end to back-end, and everything in between. Needless to say, full-stack is the new black! If you don’t know much about programming but want to learn up to the point where you’ll be able to write an enterprise application yourself, or you have some programming knowledge but you want to build a solid understanding on how a web application works, this is the course for you. It will not be easy, as nothing ever worth doing is, but once you go past the finish line, you will be able to get accepted in most of the juniors’ programs that IT firms in Iasi have to offer.

Full stack web development

What you will learn

You will get acquainted with several technologies, both from front-end and backend, after which you will start working on a real project, thus putting all the theoretical knowledge into practice. The code that you write will be part of your resume and will act as a business card for any IT recruiter or interviewer.

Full stack web development

Who should take this course

Anyone who wants to become a junior programmer and is willing to work for this alongside our highly skilled mentors who love teaching.

Full stack web development

Lessons in this course

IiiModule I(5 weeks)
Introduction to programming in Java
These are the key areas that everyone should focus on when taking the first steps towards becoming a programmer:

  • Coding fundamentals;
  • Coding advanced features.

Module II (5 weeks)
Expanding the programming knowledge
The goal of this module is to get familiarized with various technologies which make a developer be full-stack. We are going to learn the following:

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • Databases: SQL;
  • Version control system: GIT.

Module III (6 weeks)
Practical project
This module will focus on creating a web application from scratch by combining Spring Framework (elementary level) with the knowledge and notions we acquired on module 1 and 2. We will write code and combine different programming languages, theoretical concepts and engineering best practices in order to deliver a functional product, just as any software house that sells IT solutions to its customers.

Module IV ( 1 week)
Career Training
Students will learn how to write a CV and a cover letter. We will use interview simulation techniques and learn as much as possible about how technical interviews are being conducted in IT firms, common interview questions, plus tips and tricks on what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate

Full stack web development


Cristina Pereteatco

Cristina Pereteatco

Cristina este un om viu, cu 5 ani de experienta in .net development si programare front-end. Iubeste copiii si ei sunt indragostiti de ea. Iata ce ne spune Cristina depre ea insasi: „Cand am inceput cariera mea in IT ,nu erau scoli sau programe de training ca acesta de aici. Eram destul de nesigura pe mine dupa ce terminasem facultatea – nu stiam ce sa fac cu ce invatasem acolo si ce ar trebui sa mai invat singura. Eu am sa va ajut pe voi sa intelegeti cat de bine stati cu logica sau cu cunostintele de design. Vom descoperi impreuna cum puteti folosi ce invatati aici in cariera voastra viitoare, cand si cum veti sti ca a venit momentul sa aveti incredere in voi si in cunostintele pe care le veti acumula aici, pe care le veti putea aplica chiar daca nu veti programatori sau ingineri”

Full stack web development

Tuition, Dates, Location

1 October 2019 – 30 March 2020; January 18th 2020 – April 4th 2020

1000 €/5 months module (100 hours)

Location is Liceul “Costache Negruzzi”

Our 4-months module will have a total of 100 hours.We teach 5 hours/week – all 5 hours on Saturday morning or afternoon or 2 weekdays, 2.5 hours/day, from 18:30 to 21:00, Monday and Wednesday.

Full stack web development

How to apply?


Step 1

The best way to apply for a course is to this is to click on APPLY NOW button, pick the course you would like to take, fill in the information and click SEND – is that simple.


Step 2

A business representative will be in touch with you shortly after that for a short discussion about your motivation and skills. You will receive personalized advice about the right course to pick, in case you were not sure about your first choice.

Step 3

Then you will need to take an online logical test (in English) – if you pass, you are in.
Our registration process will be open until September 20th. The courses are filling in fast – so action today.
If you have questions – you can always call us – or write us a message via our Facebook page.

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