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Python for Teens

Our Python programming courses for teens will start in January. Python is the most versatile programming language used for creating applications for DataScience, Machine Learning and AI. We combine Python programming with entrepreneurial and digital skills. These skills are what our teenagers and kids need in order to learn how to think out of the box, collaborate and express their ideas with confidence. After this program, they will be ready to study abroad and/or start their journey as entrepreneurs. Classes at Colegiul “Costache Negruzzi” and are taught in English.

Python for teens

What you will learn

Coding in Python is a great introductory course in programming, regardless of the direction your future career path will take.

Python for teens

Lessons in this course

Module I (1 week)
Week 1: Digital Skills for Teenagers
Information processing, communication, content creation, online safety, complex problem solving

Module II (10 weeks)
Pytong for teens – coming soon

Module III (1 week)
Week 12
Entrepreneurial skills for Teens
Business model canvas, working in a team, presentation, communication and public speaking skills.

Python for  teens


Diana Lefter

Diana Lefter

Diana Lefter, our CEO and founder, has 20 years of experience in the IT industry in Canada and Europe in various roles, from testing to coding to management. She is passionate about education and was a Math teacher before starting writing code and building a career in IT. She developed a method called “teaching by fascination”, which consists of 2 main ingredients: to love what you teach and to love the kids and teens you are teaching. And, of course, to be a very good professional in your field.

Cristina Pereteatco

Cristina Pereteatco

Cristina has 5 years experience in .net and front end programming – she is great with teens and they all love here. Here is what Cristina tells us about herself: “When I started my career in IT, there were no schools or trainings available to me. I was really unsure about what will be the result of my studies or what should I do with my knowledge and what should I learn on my own. I will help you to find out what kind of design skills you have and how your logic works. Here at Agileroo you will discover what future shape your career may take and when will be the moment you know you are ready to step forward, with confidence into the next challenge. Thank you!”

Python for teens

Tuition, Dates, Location

 January 25th 2020 – March 11th 2020

600 €/3 months (12 weeks, 60 hours)

Location is Liceul “Costache Negruzzi”

We teach 5 hours/week -2 hours we learn, 3 hours we apply what we have learned. Registration for second cohort which starts on January 25th 2020  is opened till December 20th 2019.   If you want to register right away, please call us at 0775505101. 

Python for teens

How to register?


 Click on APPLY NOW button below, pick the course you would like to take, fill in the information and click SEND! This will send us an email – we will contact you right away to discuss further details.

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