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Robotics for Kids

We teach kids how to design and program robots, using Arduino, Mindstorm and Edison. This will help them start a self discovery journey and start learning many other things, slowly moving from consumers to creators of new technolgoies.  We teach in English. The kids will learn from the best – our mentors are teenagers from Liceul de Informatica which built a robot by themselves and gain various prizes in national and internatinal competitions. Do not miss your chance to learn fro the best! Classes at Colegiul “Costache Negruzzi” , every weekday between 16:30– 18:30. Courses start on January 14th 2020. To register, call us at 0775505101 or email us at contact@agileroo.com.

Robotics for Kids

What you will learn

You will lean how to design and program robots using Arduino, Edison robots, Micro-bit and Mindstorm directly from the creators of Maria the Robot.

Robotics for kids

Lessons in this course

Week 1: Introduction – Course Concepts

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Course Logistics
  3. Edison Education Programming Software
  4. Downloading and Running Code

Week 2: Moving, Mathematics and Sensors

  1. Edison Hardware
  2. Edison Programs
  3. Robot Math: Proportionality and Movement
  4. Movement and Turning
  5. My Blocks
  6. Movement Challenges
  7. Touch Sensor

Week 3: Robot Sensors (Continued)

  1. What is a robot?
  2. Touch, Ultrasonic, Light, and Sound Sensors
  3. Program Flow
  4. Sensor Challenges

Week 4: Decision Making

  1. Data Logging Investigation
  2. Loops
  3. Switches
  4. Repeated Decisions: Discrete
  5. Repeated Decisions: Continuous
  6. Obstacle Detection and Line Following

Week 5: Planning and Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshooting for Student Understanding
  2. Planning, Pseudocode, and Process
  3. Search and Rescue Challenge
  4. Bonus: Data Flow and Logic
  5. Data Flow
  6. Displaying Data

Week 6-12: How to work in teams – Hands on

  1. Planning, Pseudocode, and Process
  2. Search and Rescue Challenge
  3. Making robots

Robotics for Kids


Diana Lefter

Diana Lefter

Diana Lefter, our CEO and founder, has 20 years of experience in the IT industry in Canada and Europe in various roles, from testing to coding to management. She is passionate about education and was a Math teacher before starting writing code and building a career in IT. She developed a method called “teaching by fascination”, which consists of 2 main ingredients: to love what you teach and to love the kids and teens you are teaching. And, of course, to be a very good professional in your field.

Mihai Melnic

Mihai Melnic

Mihai Melnic are 17 ani și este elev in clasa a X-a la Liceul Teoretic de Informatică ,,Grigore Moisil” din Iași. Este initiatorul proiectului Maria Robot , primul robot umanoid construit in intregime de elevii din Iasi. Mihai construieste roboti din clasa a doua, iar pe masura ce timpul a trecut, pasiunea lui a crescut din ce in ce mai mul. A reusit sa gaseasca alti elevi pasionati de robotica si de programare si aun inceput sa lucreze la proiectul lor frumos  – robtoul Maria, care a fost prezentat tuturor elevilor de la agileroo. A descoperit lumea inteligentei arificiale pe masura ce au lucrat impreuna la proiect,da nu numai atat. Mihai a invatat din mers despre marketing si sales si despre cum sa colaborezi intr-o echipa. Deci Mihai va fi un exemplu si in zona competenteleor de catifea, pe care se pune mare accent la scoala noastra. Echipa Agileroo este onorata sa il aiba printre mebrii sai pe Mihai. 

Robotics for Kids

Tuition, Dates, Location

January 14th 2020 – March 31st 2020

1200 RON/3 months (12 weeks, 24 hours, 5o RON/hour)

Location is Liceul “Costache Negruzzi”

We teach 2 hours/week, 16:30 to 18:30, every weekday ( Monday to Friday).Registration for classes starting on January 20th 2020  is opened till December 20th 2019.  Register right away by calling us at 0775505101.

Robotics for Kids

How to register?


Call us at 0775505101 or email us at contact@agileroo.com
click on APPLY NOW button, pick the course you would like to take, fill in the information and click SEND! This will send us an email – once we receive it, we will contact you right away to discuss further details.

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